KAYA Network is LATTICE80’s vision to connect
(1) Fintech Startups, (2) Financial Institutions & Corporates, (3) Government Institutions and (4) the Public to build an ecosystem conducive to creating next-generation financial products and services.

The LATTICE80 KAYA Network is the fusion of four synergistic efforts. The result is a community-driven ecosystem that brings innovative financial services to the existing market and reaches out to the unbanked and the underserved individuals and SMEs.

We are in support of global initiatives with social impact, especially with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

LATTICE80 Fintech Hub

As a community hub, LATTICE80 offers (1) co-working spaces, (2) startup accelerators, (3) corporate innovation programs, 4) education programs and 5) AI-powered Global Fintech Database.

Its AI powered Global Fintech Database provides a robust platform for identifying trends and opportunities based on market data and co-relating custom variables developed over time to gather investment information and find partners for collaboration.

Token Information

LATTICE80 KAYA Token (NEM Mosaic Token)
MosaicID : l80:kaya
Total Supply : 2,000,000,000
Symbol : KAYA
Contract : 0xfd66c6771d00b5646949086152b7ccdca25e5686
Total Supply : 11,000,000,060.000000000000000000
Decimals : 18

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